Michael (Misha) Shenbrot. shenbrot@web.de

März 17, 2008

1974 was born in Moscow, Russian Republic of form. USSR


1990/91 studied and worked as a journalist at the independent news agency

„Studinformo“, Moscow


1991 graduated the Moscow Literature Lyceum (secondary school)


1991 journalist of the russian language daily newspaper „Novosti Nedeli“

in Tel-Aviv, Israel


since 1992 lives and works in Berlin, Germany


1994/95 assistant of the fashion photographer Ali Kepenek, work at his casting 

agency „Type Face„, Berlin


1996 private education by Prof. Dieter Appelt, High School of Art, Berlin

graduated Moscow Polytechnical College (Photography)


1997 computer graphics, layout and photography for the „Puschkin“

magazine  (Moscow, Russia), 

since the end of 1997 – an art director of the magazine. 


1998 computer graphics, layout and printing design for the 

„Moscow House of Photography“,

culture critics and essays for the „Russian Journal“ – online edition

of the “Pushkin” magazine


1999/2000 computer graphics, layout and printing design for the 

„Appelt Mediaservice“, Berlin


2001/02 video editing systems education (Avid) at „Jump Cut“, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2003/04 computer graphics, layout and printing design for the „Moscow

House of Photography“; media analysis for the „Effective Politics

Foundation“ (Moscow, Russia)


since 2004 works on hand made collages in Berlin


2007 collaboration with free-jazz trio (Philipp Bernhardt,

Sabine Worthmann und Joana Charcan

for the cross-media performance


2008 works on digital media artworks, based on “analog” hand made collages



Solo Exhibitions



1999 Paris, Galerie „Carre Noir


2005 Berlin, Galerie „Kondensstreifen


2006 Köln, Galerie “Susanne Zander”


2007 Berlin, “Taylor&Wessing”



Group Exhibitions


1996 Berlin, Galerie “Parzival” (Kai Hilgemann) – “Moskau-Berlin /


Berlin, Akademie der Künste, Galerie “Marstall” – “Moskau Berlin /

Werkstätten Moskau” (Installation „Kofferleben“ mit Igor Seidel) cat


1998 Moscow, Artfair „Art Manege 98“ (Photoprojekt „Archetypen /

Nationale Merkmale“)


1999 Berlin, Row Tempel, „WOW“ ( Computerinstallation mit Igor Seidel)

2000 Barcelona, Sonar- Festival 2000

2005 Köln, Art-Cologne’2005

2006 London, Freeze’2006 




2007 Days of the German Culture, in Bydgoszcz (Bromberg), Poland

cross-media performance with Philipp Bernhardt, Sabine Worthmann

and Joana Charcan


2008 videoinstallation for the Berlinale 2008 Short Film awards party




1996 Akademie der Künste Berlin (Stiftung Eduard Arnold)

Dr. Esther- Schlossberg-Stiftung (Gesellschaft für christlich-jüdische

Zusammenarbeit, München)


Annemarie und Helmut Börner – Stiftung (Köln)



Recent Project


August 2008  Love, Death, Soul, Life at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium

This project brings together 7 artists–Tania Bedrinana (Peru); Dustyn Bork (U.S.); Markus Gutmann (Germany); Lou Joseph (U.S.); Michael Markwick (Netherlands); Mary Robinson (U.S.); and Misha Shenbrot (Russia/Israel)– to explore the universal themes of Love, Death, Soul, Life through the medium of printmaking. We will work together on a portfolio of prints at the Frans Masereel Centrum during August 11-29, 2008. We will complete 8 sets of the portfolio, one of which will enter the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp Print Kabinet. The prints will be exhibited at Zimmer Gallerie in Berlin, Germany; Galerie in Vorm in Brussels, Belgium; Pictura in Dordrecht, the Netherlands; the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, United States; and the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, United States.


März 17, 2008
 misha shenbrot. beth collage 2007

beth - part I
misha shenbrot. beth – detail I  collage 2007 
beth - part II
 misha shenbrot. beth – detail II collage 2007


 beth - part III
misha shenbrot. beth – detail III  collage 2007 


März 17, 2008

n00n misha shenbrot. n00n collage 2007



n00n - part I

 misha shenbrot. n00n – part I collage 2007



 n00n - part II 

 misha shenbrot. n00n – part II collage 2007 



n00n - part III  misha shenbrot. n00n – part III collage 2007 


März 17, 2008


 misha shenbrot. cult collage 2007



cult - part I

misha shenbrot. cult – detail I collage 2007

cult - part II     

misha shenbrot. cult – detail II collage 2007 


cult - part III   

misha shenbrot. cult – detail III collage 2007 


März 17, 2008


 misha shenbrot. spirit collage 2007


 spirit - part I 

misha shenbrot. spirit – detail I  collage 2007 


spirit - part II

misha shenbrot. spirit – detail II  collage 2007 



 spirit - part III 

misha shenbrot. spirit – detail III  collage 2007 



März 17, 2008
 misha shenbrot. red collage 2007


red - part I 

misha shenbrot. red – detail I  collage 2007 

red - part II

misha shenbrot. red – detail II  collage 2007 

red - part III 

misha shenbrot. red – detail III  collage 2007 


black light

März 17, 2008

black light

misha shenbrot. black light 





black light - part I 

misha shenbrot. black light – part I  collage 2007 

black light - part II
 misha shenbrot. black light – part II  collage 2007 
black light - part III 

misha shenbrot. black light – part III  collage 2007 




März 17, 2008

paradisemisha shenbrot. paradise collage 2007

paradise - part I 

misha shenbrot. paradise – detail I  collage 2007 

 paradise - part II

misha shenbrot. paradise – detail II  collage 2007 



paradise - part III

misha shenbrot. paradise – detail III collage 2007 



paradise - part IV misha shenbrot. paradise – detail IV  collage 2007 


März 17, 2008


misha shenbrot. sphynx  collage 2007 


sphynx - part I  

misha shenbrot. sphynx – detail I  collage 2007 


sphynx - part II 

misha shenbrot. sphynx – detail II  collage 2007


 sphynx - part III 

misha shenbrot. sphynx – detail III  collage 2007


 sphynx - part IV 

misha shenbrot. sphynx – detail IV  collage 2007


 sphynx - part V 

misha shenbrot. sphynx – detail V  collage 2007  


März 17, 2008


 misha shenbrot. blue  collage 2007

blue - middle part

 misha shenbrot. blue – middle part collage 2007